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Întâlniri gcm

Escort le treport saint nazaire

escort le treport saint nazaire

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Captured.57 (Carl-Siegfried Ritter von Georg sunk by gunfire 8 miles S by W 1/2 W of Daunts Rock, off Cork Harbour (L/wi - 8 miles SSW of,.35N,.16W; un.40N,.13W 3 lives lost (H/L/te/un/wi) Atlantic Ethyl, 3,082grt, armed. Torpedoed.57, sank 10 miles NW of (L/wi - 12 miles W of; te -.43N,.48W master taken prisoner (H/L/te/un/wi) Ventura de Larrinaga, 4,618 (ms 4,648 1908, Miguel de Larrinaga SS Co, Liverpool, armed, sailing Galveston for Manchester with general cargo. Torpedoed.75 (Johannes Lohs sank 17 miles SSW 1/2 W of Hook Point, Co Wexford (wi -.51N,.01W 4 crew, 7 passengers lost (H/L/te/un/wi) Atlantic City of Colombo, 6,000grt, armed. Sunk (H/L/ms) Atlantic off SW Ireland belgian, 3,657/1900, Liverpool-reg, F Leyland Co (1900 armed, Mr W Atkinson, sailing New Orleans for Liverpool with general cargo. Mined, laid.55 (Horst Rühle von Lilienstern) 8 miles NE of Hartlepool (un.56N,.09W damaged, beached  1/2 m N of Hartlepool Old Pier, refloated (H/L/un) Atlantic off S Ireland garmoyle, 1,229/1896, Clyde Shipping Co, Glasgow, 1-3pdr, 28 crew, Mr W Spillane, sailing. Torpedoed.100 (Degenhart von Loë sank 75 miles E by S of Muckle Flugga, Shetlands (wi -.45N,.30E 12 crew lost including master (H/L/dk/te/un/wi) Atlantic off S Ireland Oakfield, 3,618/1912, Doughty Shipping Co, West Hartlepool, armed, Tralee for Queenstown in light condition. Sank 30 miles S 1/2 W of the Eddystone Rock LH, S of Plymouth (L/te/un -.41N,.12W 5 crew lost (H/L/dk/te/un/wi) noya, 4,282/1912, English American Shipping Co, London, 1-12pdr, 39 crew, Mr J Dickens, New Orleans for Falmouth with 6,900t oil and barley. Originally listed as missing with all hands, now as sunk by gunfire.63 (Karsten von Heydebreck).42 N,.24E, shortly before midnight (un/Michael Lowrey only) English Channel Leafield, 2,539grt, armed.

Captured.71 (Reinhold Saltzwedel sunk by bombs 70 miles W of Pte de Penmarch, to the W of Lorient (L/te/un -.30N, 06W) (H/L/Mn/te) Atlantic off Azores iran, 6,250/1896, Anchor-Brocklebank Line, Liverpool, armed, Calcutta for London/Middlesbrough with general cargo. Torpedoed.10 (Fritz Gregor sank 6 miles S by E of Southwold, S of Lowestoft (L/te/un -.13N,.45E; wi -.2 miles E by N of Sizewell LH,.13.10N,.45.20E, also reported.13.15N,.45.15E 14 crew lost (H/L/dk/te/un/wi) English Channel. Gun attack, saved by own gunfire (H/Mn) Western Mediterranean Two armed steamships in ballast torpedoed.64 (Robert Moraht) off Cape/Cabo de las Huertas, near Alicante, Spain:. Torpedoed at 1100, sank 46 miles W by N of Fastnet (L -.16N,.48W; W/te -.18N,.45W) (H/L/te/un/wi) LUX, bulk petroleum tanker, 2,621/1893, Lane Macandrew, sailed New York 20 January for Calais with oil, went missing, posted by Lloyds 25/4/17 presumed. (te/un - 10th) - Torpedoed.60 (Karl George Schuster sank 40 miles N by E 1/2 E of Muckle Flugga rocks, off North Unst island, Shetlands (L - 40 miles N by E 1/2 N of; wi -.15N,.15E 8 crew lost. Torpedo missed Western Mediterranean Thornhill, steamship 3,848/1911, Taylor Sanderson SS Co, Sunderland, was Admiralty hired decoy ship 18/11/15-11/8/17, armed, Blyth for Genoa with coal. (un 18th) Captured.21 (Franz Walther sunk by gunfire 53 miles NE of the Tyne (L - 50 miles NE of) (H/L/Lr/un) English Channel British steamship (and an Admiralty collier) torpedoed.84 (Walter Roehr) off Portland Bill/LH, Dorset, possibly one on the 17th. Chased off Scillies, escaped (ms presumably 5,815/1912, Cayzer, Irvine Co, Glasgow.

Torpedo missed (H/ms) Tuesday, tlantic off SW Ireland baron sempill, 1,607/1911, Kelvin Shipping, Ardrossan-reg, sailing Glasgow for Huelva with general cargo. M.70, returned to commercial service (D - as armed storeship) after 2/8/16, 217 crew, Mr W Irvine, New York for Liverpool with 75 passengers, general cargo and mails. Captured.51, sunk by gunfire 20 miles S of Tuskar, off Rosslare (wi - by scuttling charge,.52N,.06W 4 lives lost including master (H/L/un/wi) Minnie Coles, schooner, 116grt, armed, Youghal for Cardiff with pitwood. Mined, laid.80 (Gustav Amberger sank 3 miles W of Eagle Is, off Co Mayo (wi -.16N,.10.30W 10 crew lost, 16 survivors held on to capsized boat for 5 hours before rescue (H/L/te/un/wi) Bay of Biscay Aldershot, 2,177grt, armed. Sunk 320 miles W by N 1/2 N of Ushant (L - 350 miles W of Scillies; te -.00N.00W 4 lives lost (H/L/te/un) Tuesday, English Channel hazelpark, 1,964/1916, Denholm Line, armed, Tyne for La Rochelle with coal. T confirms her as captured.44, probably off Scotland, and taken as prize (H/L/Lr/gy) _ Two British sailing smacks on fishing gounds captured.32 (Max Viebeg sunk by gunfire off Smith's Knoll Middle Buoy, off Winterton-on-Sea, N of Yarmouth: comrades, 58grt. Torpedoed.93 (Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Pecklesheim sank 195 miles SW by W of Fastnet (L - c200 miles W of Bishop Rock; te/un -.43N,.35W 11 lives lost including master and gunner taken prisoner (H/L/te/un) Two armed steamships attacked. After confirming the name of the vessel, her cargo and the destination (which he didnt know the 3rd engineer was put on some wreckage and was subsequently picked up by the rest of the crew in one of the Mersarios lifeboats. Mined, laid.80 (Alfred von Glasenapp) S of the Isle of Man (L -.57N,.40W damaged, towed into Liverpool (H/L/ge/ms/ms/un) St George's Channel Two steamships captured.65 (Otto Steinbrinck) and sunk by bombs: afton, 1,156/1911, William Sloan, Glasgow-reg, sailing Bristol for.

U-39 surfaced and hauled the third engineer (R Chadwick from Wrexham) on board for questioning. Mined, laid.57 (un torpedoed.57 (Carl-Siegfried Ritter von Georg sank 7 miles SE of Galley Head, Co Cork (un.28N,.39W; wi -.28.15N,.47.10W one crew lost (H/L/te/un/wd/wi) Atlantic off NW Ireland Plutarch, 5,613grt, armed. Captured and sunk by gunfire 50 miles NW of Barra Head, Outer Hebrides (L/te/un -.08N,.55W) (H/L/Mn/te/un) kenmore, 3,919/1912, Johnston Line, Liverpool, 1-4.7in QF, 43 crew, Mr W Gorley, Liverpool for Baltimore/Boston with 800t general cargo and one passenger. U-boat torpedo missed Western Mediterranean gryfevale, 4,437/1906, Gryfevale SS Co (Barr, Crombie Co Glasgow, armed, Port Louis, Mauritius/Dakar for Gibraltar with sugar. Captured.63 (Karsten von Heydebreck sunk by bombs 3 miles N by E of North Leman Buoy, off Cromer, Norfolk (L/un - 3 miles S by W of) (H/L/un) (Note:.63 is also credited by t with sinking the two following vessels on the. Torpedo missed Trevanion, 4,267grt; two torpedoes missed Tuesday, English Channel Two sailing vessels captured.17 (Werner Fürbringer) off Les Hanois LH, off SW Guernsey: kate AND annie, wood ketch, 96/1894, Gloucester-reg, T Stamp, sailing Cardiff for St Malo with coal. Gun attack, saved by own gunfire (H/ms) English Channel lowmount, 2,070/1888, Capel Co (cott, manager Leith-reg, 22 crew, sailed from Bilbao with iron ore, arrived.

Captured.48 (Wolfgang Steinbauer; Rn -.48 sunk by bombs 100 miles WNW of the Butt of Lewis, Outer Hebrides (L/te/un -.39N,.08W master taken prisoner (H/L/Rn/ms/te) Atlantic off NW Ireland lynorta, 3,684 (ms 3,668 1902, Liver Shipping Co (Johnson, Sproule. Sunk 24 February 1917 (H/ms) South Atlantic Tyndareus, 11,000 (ms 11,347 1916, Ocean SS Co (Alfred Holt Liverpool, sailing Liverpool/Table Bay for Yokohama with general cargo. Captured.75 (Johannes Lohs sunk by gunfire, 16 miles ESE of Rockabill Light, Co Dublin (H/L/Lr/un) Atlantic W of Gibraltar Two armed steamships attacked by U-boat(s saved by own gunfire: Benledi, 3,931/1904, W Thomson Co, Leith, sailing Huelva for Savannah with iron ore. Captured.53 (Hans Rose) and sunk by bombs 150 miles WNW of (L -.20N,.30W) (H/L/Lr/un) swanmore, 6,373/1913, Johnston Line (Furness, Withy Co Liverpool, armed, sailing Baltimore for Liverpool with ordnance, general cargo. Gun attack off Scillies, saved by own gunfire (H/Mn) Atlantic off SW Ireland minnehaha, passenger liner, 13,714/1900, Atlantic Transport Line, Belfast, armed, Mr F Claret, London for New York with passengers and general cargo.

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Torpedoed.33 (Gustav Siess 8 miles N by E of Cape de site de rencontre lirtain pictou Creus, NE Spain (L - 3 miles off Port Bon/Portbou; un.25N,.20E beached, became a wreck; 2 lives lost (H/L/te/un) Thursday, orth Sea blagdon, 1,996/1893, Hansen Shipping Co, London, armed. Torpedoed.31 (Thomas Bieber; wi -.60) at 0045, sank 7 miles SW by W of Start Point, Devon (te/wi -.08.36N,.45.25W 22 crew killed by the explosion or drowned as she sank, master, three seamen spent 90min clinging to wreckage before. Torpedoed.52 (Hans Walther sank 60 miles SW of Bishop Rock, Scillies (un.11N,.16W, but "40 miles SW of" from Master's report, also 5 firemen killed 2 lives lost, master and 2 gunners taken prisoner (H/L/Mn/te/un) Bay of Biscay Siamese Prince, 4,847grt, armed. Captured.39 (Heinrich Küstner sunk by bombs 5 miles WSW of Ile de Sein LH, SW of Brest (H/L/Lr/un). Chased, escaped San Ricardo, tanker, 6,465grt. On returning, the U-boat crew boarded, took away food and equipment, and placed scuttling charges, sinking her at 0620, 28 miles SSW of (wi -.19N,.14W ships papers burnt by the master; crew picked up at 1300 by SS Presto, (H/Lr/un/wi) huntleys, brigantine. Sunk Crete in 1941 (H/ms) Bristol Channel Arranmoor, 4,008/1915, Moor Line (Runciman London, armed. Torpedoed.89 (August Mildenberger sank 60 miles NW 1/2 W of Cape Finisterre (L/te/un -.15N,.30W one life lost (H/L/te/un) Thursday,.16 possibly sunk by British CMB-laid mine off Zeebrugge, Belgium English Channel perseverance (2 ketch-rigged sailing smack, 30/1894, Ramsgate-reg R118, Charles.

Escort le treport saint nazaire

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Sexe drole sexe libertin Sank 7 miles S by W of (L - 7 miles W of; un 7 miles SW by S of; wi -.55.30N,.40W 2 crew lost. Captured.70 (Otto Wünsche sunk by gunfire 77 miles NW by W 1/2 W of Trevose Head, Cornwall (L -.47N,.58W) (H/L) Trecarne, 4,196/1915, amitiesrencontres com ninove Hain SS Co, St Ives, armed.
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Torpedoed.62 (Maxz Schmitz sank 66 miles SW by S 1/2 S of Bishop Rock, Scillies (te/un -.40N,.55W one life lost (H/L/te/un) Atlantic off NW Ireland Two armed tankers attacked by U-boat(s Comanchee, 5,588/1912, Anglo-American Oil Co, Newcastle, sailing Liverpool for. Torpedoed.51 (Hans Galster sank 11 miles ESE of Fastnet (L/te/un/wi -.21.30N,.19W) (H/L/te/un/wi) Sunday, Baltic Sea area meggie, 1,802/1889, London-reg, James Cormack. Sunk 28 December 1917 (H/ms/wi) Tuesday, orth Sea pluto, 1,266/1897, Bristol Steam Navigation Co, Bristol-reg, 19 crew, Mr H Muirhead, sailing Rotterdam for Bristol with general cargo. Torpedoed.54 (Kurt Heeseler sank 230 miles W by S 1/2 S of Ushant (L/te/un -.09N,.32W; un also.19N,.43W) (H/L/te/un) Central Mediterranean mooltan, passenger ship, 9,723/1905, Peninsular Oriental Steam Navigation, Greenock, London-reg, armed, sailing Sydney/Fremantle for London with 554 people. Gun attack, attack abandoned Mediterranean Empire, 4,496grt, armed.

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Captured.35 (Ernst von Voigt sunk by bombs c35 miles NW of Marittimo island, off Sicily (H/L/Lr/un) Friday, 23 February 1917.32 sunk by own mines in North Sea off Sunderland North Sea grenadier, 1,004/1895, Tyne-Tees SS Co, sailing Rotterdam for Newcastle with general. Chased, escaped (H/ms) Cliffside, 5,850 (ms 4,969 1917, J Priestman, Newcastle. (te - 4th; un 4th, German time, couple bi blog sint joost ten node see Cairnstrath following) - Torpedoed.71 (Reinhold Saltzwedel) at 2300, sank some time later 3 1/2 m N by W of Ile d'Yeu Light, near St Nazaire (un.56N,.28W one life lost, survivors picked. (dk/te/un - 20th) - Torpedoed.52 (Hans Walther sank 130 miles NW by N of Cape Ortegal (te - in c44.00N,.00W;.48N,.07W 47 lives lost including master (H/L/Mn/dk/te/un) Atlantic off Gibraltar sowwell, 3,781/1900, Sowwell SS Co (Galbraith, Pembroke Co London, armed. Torpedoed by Austrian submarine.XL (Johann Krsnjavi sank 180 miles SE by E 1/2 E of Malta (L -.18N,.10E; te/un -.52N,.14E 13 lives lost including master (H/L/dk/te/un) Monday,.72 sunk by Q-ship Acton in Bay of Biscay, Acton not damaged. Sunk 30 miles NNW of Dennis Head (H/L/Lr/gy/un) nestor, 176/1898, Orient Steam Fishing, GY466, sailed Grimsby for fishing and return. Sunk 26 February 1918 (H/L/Mn/ge/me/ms/tr/un) drina, passenger ship, 11,483/1913, Royal Mail Steam Packet, London-reg, was Admiralty hospital ship 8/15-2/16, returned to mercantile service, now armed, sailing Buenos Aires for Liverpool with passengers, coffee and meat. Sank 160 miles NW 1/2 W of Eagle Is, off Co Mayo (L/te -.48N,.35W;.47N,.05W one life lost (H/L/te/un) Two armed steamships attacked by U-boat(s) off W Ireland: Beacon Grange, 4,237/1898, Houlder Line, Liverpool, sailing Liverpool for Rio de Janeiro.