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I love latakia and don't mind this excessive smokey sweetness. Treat it gently at this point and you will be rewarded! The taste is consistent right down to the last shred. Smokeability: I had no troubles with this, I never dried it, just crumbled it, packed it a bit lighter than I usually would with ribbon cut, lit it up with two matches, and smoked away. Captain Earle's - Ten Russians.

I've almost finished a two ounce tin of Ten Russians and have enjoyed it thoroughly. The latakia sledgehammer mellows a bit as I pass the halfway mark, and the overall flavor quiets down somewhat into a nice peppery smoothness for the remainder of the bowl. Nothing pleases me more than stuffing that pipe with an excellent tasting tobacco, and draining it to the bottom. A lat bomb, it has plenty but the Lady Latakia is tamed by the sweet Cavendish and well cured hay like Virginia. I woke up an hour later, refreshed and okay because the Vitamin N overdose had processed. Pipe Used: Peterson's System Age When Smoked: N/A Purchased From: N/A Similar Blends: Maltese Falcon; Black Mallory; Nightcap. Pipe Used: Peterson Kinsale XL23 Age When Smoked: 1-60 days Purchased From: m Similar Blends:.

6 people found this review helpful. However, I still highly recommend. I'm better for. Pipe Used: Large bents Age When Smoked: New to five years Similar Blends:. This one definitely delivered. It is indeed strong, and requires a full stomach before partaking.

Once rubbed it's a good idea to give it a short airing. 10 out. I plan on always having a tin of this stuff around. I wish the presence of Cavendish in the blend was, well, absent (I can take them in small doses) as I think the other three blends make for a complex enough mix; but you Lat lovers out there probably won't even notice. Pipe Used: cob Nobody has rated this review yet. This is one strong sucker. Pantomime with, henry Winkler.

I can compare this with Penzance with less sweetness and more punch on the nicotine contents. Pipe Used: Cob Age When Smoked: 6 months Purchased From: m Similar Blends: Night cap Artisans blend. The first block I got from a friend. All those flavors actually manage to tame the Latakia that cements this mixture together with fire camp and exotic spice notes. If it only came this way as a fresh tin. I wouldn't label this a latakia bomb, it's a completely different animal altogether.

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Later, just past midway through your bowl, those ten Russians appear abruptly, as though from nowhere, and shuffle you bumpily away to a dimly-lit room heavy with a salty, even slightly peaty smoke, the faint music of a prima balalaika in the background. And oh Lord is it strong. The smell of Ten Russians gives a perfect impression of what kind of smoke's on its way: strong Latakia. I wanted to try it because I speak Russian and love Latakia. The Cavendish, Oriental, and Virginia did not interfere with the punch of the Latakia, neither did their effects go unnoticed. I began to yawn incessantly. That's me out of descriptive words, lol!

Pipe Used: Roma Canadian, la rocca poker, mauro #314 Age When Smoked: Fresh out da mailbox Purchased From: m 2 people found this review helpful. Il y a souvent un clivage entre le sex-symbol «classique» et l'idole d'adolescents. Il semble que la première sex-symbol soit l'actrice danoise. I cut off a thick flake and rubbed out what to me looked like shredded dirty Autumn leaves. Somehow it balances, but the flavors themselves are muddled.

Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note sleightinmind (2) Medium to Strong None Detected Full Strong A latakia lovers choice. Oth.'s vote, I think she was leaning toward unbearable as she does whenever I smoke anything not from the drug store or the tinder box. Strong, interesting (she says). Be forewarned, though - this is one of those tastebud blockers that can have an effect on your appreciation for the more subtle, pure and "cleaner" flavors of virginia or VaPer flakes. This is one of the best latakia blend ever!

I give Ten Russians.8 out of 10 stars. I found it to be a satisfyingly complex blend of elements that never seemed to leave any single component in the dark. However, I think I need to work my way up to this, learn to really "sip" tobaccos and eat a hearty meal before lighting a bowl of this up (I suggest you do the same). If this is an English blend, then it's pre-Norman because there's something elemental and primeval about this blend. The crumble cakes are the best I've seen.

Hey Mr Producer and was part of the dream cast for Cameron Mackintosh's 10th Anniversary Concert. Pipe Used: Briar, meerschaum Age When Smoked: 3 months Purchased From: m 2 people found this review helpful. Flavours and strength are so overpowering that unless you are a diehard Latakia fan (meaning thats all you smoke daily and throughout the day it may ruin the taste and subtleties of other tobaccos in your daily rotation. Rich, bold, spicy, and very complex in flavor. Very easy to light and didn't require a second light. It's a bit more balanced than Captain Earl's Stimulus Package. The flavor is consistent throughout the bowl. To me it's thoroughly delicious and the more I have smoked it, the more I love. It looks like a black brick which slivers easily. Overall, a very very pleasant, easily-smoked mixture with enough flavor to hold my interest and enjoyment until almost the end.

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