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Întâlniri gcm

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escort paris 1er lethbridge

They had the rear ramp open for this run. It is Dash8Spotter which will cover the Classic versions of this airliner. Photo: Neil Aird Time for something on the blog. Thanks also to Stuart Sim for scanning. N13979 Embraer EMB-145LR (145181) operating "ASQ3997" Burlington, Vermont to Chicago's O'hare, passing just to my south at FL360. I received the e-mail below from John today. Strathdee, Jim Sullivan, John.

Funny, I was not at all tired after such a long journey! Today been working on the Otter website, now about to get back to Beavers! Thanks to my mate Graeme. Photo: Erik Nielsen End of the month again, and the August 2014 M Calendar pages are here for you to enjoy. Got the shots I really wanted. I do not recall the DOM but guess that it was late '50.

It was a farm strip. 440BB8 AUA72  OE-LAX B :42:33 Lo and behold OE-LAX! N720 (247) trundles off to the strip on this facility adjacent to panc. 205 nautical miles, not too shabby. Landing in light rain showers at 17:30 Central Time. Photo: Ken Marshall Aird Archives Spent some time on old slides of "Lifters" taken at Prestwick in 1968 by my old pal Ken Marshall. Photo: Jim Nickless 1964 Added a few images to Ken Marshall pages, some Connies to his.S. Superb as always Lenn, many thanks!

Andreas Fischen sent this link along, I suggest you all have a read, and hopefully, sign up with your support. In the pleasant situation of having lots of Beaver images to add to the website. Karl and Ian keep me busy with updates about once a week. I'm way behind and will try to get up to date today - as well as take care of autumn leaves in the numerous eaves troughs, so up and down the ladder again today. Here is a fine example by John. Chatfield, Bowen Chau, Bob Childerhose, Al Christensen, Terje Christensen, Bill Christopher, Rick Church, George Clark, Harold Clark, Keith Clark, Daniel Clarke, Frank Clautier, Mike Clayton, Garry Cline, Chris Coates, Eddie Coates, Simon Codd, Bill Coffman, Jenny Coffey, Ben Cogger, Barry. 19 December 2014 Since I put the little revolving Globe on the main page earlier this month - look at all the visitors it has noted coming to M! My UK colleague Ian Macintosh sends me each month a "Diary" of DHC-2 events and changes for my data set.

Olafson few days early, here are the February 2016 M Calendar pages. Photo: Dale Tiedeman Today C-fghy (1334) is being launched into the North Saskatchewan River, thanks to Dale Tiedeman for the snap. I did spend some quality time watching a heron, cormorant and some Canada geese. Photo: Neil Aird 15:48 edt The sound of summer - well, to my ears. I noticed that my M website on the Otter just crossed the 50,000 unique visitor threshold. I pulled rank this month for the November 2017 M Calendar pages.

Thanks for recent donation by regular contributer James Kean of Washington State for helping the cause. Image courtesy of Brian Wright. Collman, Peter Conquerwood, Gerry Conrad, Blake Cook, Peter. Unfortunately all my images are print format, so they take a fair time to clean up! Photo: Dirk Septer Photo: Neil Aird 15:25 EDT Traffic! It's a brooch/pin called "Signal" - made of 925 silver, 750 (18K) green, yellow and white golds, aluminium and anodised niobium.


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Photos: Neil Aird 08 September 2017 15:22 edt 07 September 2017 Photos: Neil Aird 07 September 2017 14:20 - 14:23 edt The rcaf 431 Squadron Snowbirds are in town. Photo: Neil Aird 17:48 PDT Almost completed adding my Beaver image selection from my trip to the West Coast. The item below about psyops had a connection with recent wonderful images sent la petite cheminée mérignac to me by Tom Singfield. Taken to Friday Harbour, some treated for minor injuries. Enough to share with family and friends. Photo: Robbie Shaw 30 September 20 M Calendar pages are ready, my thanks to Bob Kobzey for this image I've been holding on to since May.

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